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I contacted him and decided to make him a small interview to know how he’s developed this business so fast and what’s working at this moment. What I mean by this is that he had no blog or anything else going on besides his niche sites, which means he was focused on building his empire instead of trying to market himself. I am currently living in Kansas City but plan on moving to Belize by the end of the year. We average somewhere between 7k-10k all though recently its been on the high side of that regularly.

If you’re here because you want to learn more about this business I pretty much recommend Tung for this. Want to know what do you need to make an extra ,885 per month with Amazon Affiliate Sites? About a year ago I started a private group with some friends from a Google+ group that was being managed by Larry Deane, the owner of Side Income Blogging.This idea was a proposal from my part to build a private group where we could talk openly about our websites, rankings and things that worked back in the day, including PBNs and more, and initially I meant it to be like a niche challenge focused on building Amazon/Adsense sites.Many people hate it because they think they can work from home and have no connection with the outside world. But you’re missing big if you think you don’t have anything to learn from others.A Mastermind is a great way to have people “around” you doing similar stuff and helping each other emotionally and practically is a great way to keep sanity and learn faster while making some great connections.Update: Since many people arrived here wanting to learn how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Sites I ended up teaming with Tung Trang from Cloud Living and his amazing course called “Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp“.

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