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Simple field and lookup validation is sometimes not enough.

For example, validating email address, or phone numbers is easy.

On the other hand, checking different data fields for consistency and accuracy in a master database will be complex.

In a nutshell, data needs to be validated at the same stage/level where it’s most likely to be erroneous.

Data validation guarantees to your application that every data value is correct and accurate.

You would need to create a validation table to hold the authorized, taxable state codes.

This validation table could be part of a business rule, or it could be implemented directly in the database for query lookup.

Data validation is the process of checking database to ensure that the information gathered from different data sources is clean, accurate and in a standard format.

Data validation can be simple or complex, depending upon the way it is performed.

You can design data validation into your application with several differing approaches: user interface code, application code, or database constraints. One of the simplest forms of data validation is verifying the data type.

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Data type validation answers such simple questions as "Is the string alphabetic? " Usually you can handle such simple validations with your application's user interface.

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