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Additionally, Epic, athenahealth and Cerner were the only three vendors who posted a gain in market share in 2014, according to the report. The top three states where Epic is the most commonly used EHR system for office-based providers participating in meaningful use are North Dakota (it holds 51 percent of the state's EHR market share for office-based providers), Wisconsin (58 percent) and Washington state (44 percent), according to April 2015 CMS data. The top three states where Epic is the most commonly used EHR system for hospitals participating in meaningful use are Minnesota (it holds 55 percent of the state's EHR market share), Wisconsin (44 percent) and Oregon (42 percent), according to April 2015 CMS data. In February 2015, healthcare marketing firm SK&A reported Epic as the top EHR vendor in the physician practice market, holding 11.6 percent of the market. In 2015, Phoenix-based Banner Health decided to transition two Tucson hospitals — Banner-University Medical Center Tucson and Banner-University Medical Center South — to Cerner's EHR.

The hospitals used Epic's EHR while part of the former University of Arizona Health Network, which Banner acquired March 1.

Additionally, a September KLAS report found Epic was one of just two vendors that did not lose any clients in 2014 (athenahealth was the other). So we focused on writing good software, and we focused on doing good support.

Here are 50 things to know about Epic Systems and the woman behind it all. Epic's name comes from a meeting with former clients of Judy Faulkner, the company's founder. Faulkner was a programmer who had developed a clinical data management system; she had no plans to start a company. Faulkner agreed to create a company around the system she had developed. In order to ensure the company remains private, Ms. And then fortunately, word of mouth did the rest." The EHR platform 15.

And in November 2015, retail healthcare giant Walgreens announced plans to transition its healthcare clinics across the country to Epic's EHR platform. Implementing Epic's EHR is a significant investment, as they are often the most expensive platforms to adopt.

Partners Health Care invested .2 billion on its Epic implementation, the health system's biggest single investment to date. As of March 2015, Epic was the third most commonly used EHR among hospitals and health systems participating in meaningful use, according to data from CMS. A September KLAS report found just two vendors reported losing zero clients in 2014: Epic and Watertown, Mass.-based athenahealth.

With roots dating back to 1979, Epic Systems has become a major player in the health IT world. "Many years ago I asked my young children what two things they needed from their parents," Ms. "They said, 'food and money.' I told them, 'roots and wings.' My goal in pledging 99 percent of my assets to philanthropy is to help others with roots — food, warmth, shelter, healthcare, education — so they too can have wings." 13. Faulkner gave a gift last year that will endow three faculty associate positions in the computer sciences department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Ms.

Faulkner joined the Giving Pledge, an initiative launched by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates where some of the world's wealthiest individuals pledge to donate the majority of their assets to philanthropy.

I.-based Lifespan, Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic, Boston-based Partners Health Care and Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Erlanger Health System. Additionally, CVS Health uses Epic Care at its CVS Minute Clinic locations.

During a preliminary meeting at her home, one of the company's original clients pulled a dictionary off the shelf and looked up the definition of "epic": "the glorious accounts of a nation's events." The group liked the name, and it would be the story of a patient, not of a nation. The first office of Epic was comprised of three part-time employees in the basement of an apartment in Madison, Wis. Faulkner and Epic's early leadership did not raise money from venture capitalists or private equity investors, according to Forbes. Epic remained in Madison, eventually occupying a main office and five satellite sites, until 2005, when it moved to neighboring Verona. In addition to its headquarters in Verona, Epic also has offices in The Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore and Copenhagen. Epic added approximately 1,400 employees in the last year, with a workforce now reaching approximately 9,400 employees, Dana Apfel, an Epic spokeswoman, told . Faulkner created a charitable foundation that her stock will go into and allow the company to remain privately held. The average age of a physician using Epic is 47.7 years old, the youngest average user age among vendors, according to a research report from Wells Fargo Securities. Epic's self-reported numbers indicate the vendor has 355 customers.

Epic was originally named Human Services Computing. Human Services Computing began with a ,000 investment, part of which came from Ms. The foundation is called the Epic Heritage Foundation. Since Epic remains privately held, full financial and shareholder information isn't available, but indicates the company's 2014 revenue totaled .8 billion. Some of Epic's latest big-name clients include Allentown, Pa.-based Lehigh Valley Health Network, Burlington, Mass.-based Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Providence, R.

Epic is one of the biggest EHR providers for hospitals and health systems nationwide. The newly endowed positions will center on teaching software development, application design and user interfaces. "When I started the company, I had no idea how to do marketing, so we just didn't do it," she said last March.

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