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Only two lunar modules had flown, and both those flights had been in earth orbit.

NASA managers wanted to see how the lander's guidance and navigation system would behave in the moon's uneven gravity fields while the craft was within rescue range of the command module.

He said there is no fence around the cemetery and a similar act of vandalism occurred about five years ago.

Will County Crimestoppers is offering a ,000 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the offenders.

The crews and controllers had been through many simulations, but it would take a real mission to give them the confidence they needed.

Anyone with information is being asked to call Lockport police at 815-838-2132 or Crimestoppers at 800-323-6734.From a technical standpoint, Apollo 10 could have landed on the moon.Further, helium ingestion, which had caused descent engines to chug, would have to be investigated before a lunar module landed on the moon.Flight control also wanted a chance to review operation, tracking, and communications procedures of both vehicles while they were actually in the vicinity of the moon.Lockport Mayor Steve Streit is fuming about acts of vandalism at a historic city cemetery at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, including the graves of miliary veterans.

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  1. She shocked her on-air guest, Fox Online editor Chris Stirewalt, in the middle of a conversation about attorney general Eric Holder signing off on a search warrant for a reporter.