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I have appealed the JSA decision and this was rejected. The problem is that they haven't supplied me with a reason for my claim being rejected, and I can't find any guidelines on the internet anywhere. 1) I was eligible for JSA from the date of my backdate request.

What I don't want to do is go the tribunal and find that there is a technicality on which they can dismiss my claim.

He subsequently makes a claim for JSA 4 weeks later(after being without income during that time) and asks for it to be backdated 4 weeks.

2) A JSA claimant receives a 4 week sanction for failing to show good reason for not attending an appointment at Job Centre Plus. She immediately makes a new claim for JSA and asks for it to be back dated.

I was unemployed for something like 6 months (living off savings) before I contacted them, and I wasn't allowed to backdate the claim for those 6 months.

Dear Department for Work and Pensions, Please provide me with all guidance and processes to be followed in the following situations.

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