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3)if the loader cant read your game installation path, just edit the fro your fits your system, and put your game paths in there correctly, save it then run it. 5)if you get message about missing data when launching the game, the clean up button should do the trick. 6)if you have long delays but the game starts, its again of the stupid "connecting to streaming server msgbox" that doesnt start in your system, so that the loader tries to close it!

8)if you see an error message disapearing very fast when you are clicking to create the license, its normal, just ignore the error! possible wrong language game, not trully adminsitrator rights, other security software running in the background that prevents the license of been generated etc. In this case clear everything related to license and account from your registry about sc2 (as you see in the video) kae sure you dont overcloack your system, make stable configurations in your BIOS, make sure HT and virtualization in Bios are properly running, then be a real Administrator, disable everything protectin the tool from running like AV, UAC, windows defender etc, google how) and try again. Star Craft II is the much awaited sequel to the popular RTS game which picks off from where the story of the Brood War expansion ended.It remains faithful to the original gameplay, bringing back almost all the well known units and adding a few new ones which are meant offer more diversity.1)to play custom games you need the latest cache properly installed.2)if you have more that one game paths, its your problem you have to choose only the latest one and use the reg files for your system to point to that path!

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if not then you are in a rare list of people that the generator is not compatible and doesnt produce a license that the game can verify.

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