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When the import is done, the Turbo Lister Tip window pops up.You may uncheck the button on that window if you don't want to see tips every time you start up Turbo Lister. You'll now see something like this: TURBO LISTER WINDOW This section will describe how various features in the Turbo Lister window work.When you then choose the appropriate item, Turbo Lister will import some info needed for that item record.) File Options - Set your e Bay preferences & item record defaults here.3 - When you first launch/open Turbo Lister, it will take a couple minutes to set "up Turbo Lister for first use".4 - Choose the first option to Set up a new Turbo Lister file, then click the Next when you've done this, then you'll be asked if you with to import your e Bay Listings. If you have no current or recent e Bay listings to import, choose to Create a new item.As an e Bay Education Specialist, I have been asked to train some of my students in the use of Turbo Lister.(I use Blackthorne Pro to manage my e Bay business.) I have prepared the following info to train my Tucson classes: GET STARTED !

File Create multiple items (This allows you to create many items at once with pre-filled information. You'll choose DVD as the product type, then search for each item via its UPC, title or director.When you have that info entered, Turbo Lister will connect to e Bay to return choices which meet your criteria.- Download Turbo Lister from pages.e Bay.com/turbo_lister.2 - Install Turbo Lister onto your computer (setup is the file name - double-click it to begin installation.If you do have items, import active and/or all ended.

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