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I've seen interviews with him and he definitely pings. The lyrics in his music makes it sound like he's deeply conflicted over his sexuality.

But I think he's ultimately decided to stick with his bible thumping lifestyle.https://

The current relationship status of Sufjan Stevens is not known.

He is a hipster r11, not even a normal hipster he is an urban hipster, the worst kind.

Perhaps I'm biased, but when I first read this I read it as something more likely to be done by a guy with other guys than with girls.

It's like all the worst traits of a Portland Oregon hipster only without the artisan bread and lots of dayglo.

Saying a hipster is a twat is like saying a criminal is a crook, they are one on the same.

People look into his songs for clues, genders are rarely referred to and gay subtext can be read into many, but there are a few where he refers to the love interest wearing a dress or things like that.

But then again he doesn't necessarily write all these songs as himself and he could be describing a character in the first person, but certainly he's said many songs naturally came from experience.

He has a secretive personal life, has never publicly dated anyone far as I know, and he's not the kind of guy people on sites like datalounge ever come up with personal stories about, even though someone or other on DL seems to have known everyone at some point.

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This article is perhaps the most illuminating look into Sufjan's secretive life, at least his take on it.

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