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Yet I am convinced that we have many, many more steps to take before God’s intentions for Spirit-powered, Internet-facilitated ministry are fully revealed.

As I write this, Global Media Outreach is currently seeing as many as 24,000 indicated decisions for Christ each day — double what we were seeing just 6 months ago.This is due solely to the power of the Holy Spirit that is through our obedience to God’s will.When the disciples asked about the end times, Jesus responded, in Matthew , Looking at Jesus’ words in the larger context of Scripture, we realize that while the exact timing and details are still a mystery, the outcome is clear.One way or another, every nation will be reached with the good news of God’s forgiveness and redemption in Jesus Christ.Bits form bytes, and bytes form text, images, video, and audio that we use to communicate the Good News.

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  1. Some people struggle with the idea that many women have begun dating younger men. When someone, male or female, wants to ONLY date someone younger than themselves, especially if MUCH younger, they aren’t looking for love – they’re looking for an ego boost.

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