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Lara said investigators have evidence that Mc Cullouch filled out transfer paperwork with the date of births of the victims.Investigators also interviewed other probation officers who identified the victims and confirmed Mc Cullouch had worked with the girls.Lara testified during a detention hearing for Mc Cullouch in federal court.Mc Cullouch had contact with the girls at the Samuel F. The academy, operated by the probation department, is a military-styled program combined with treatment that relies heavily on education and counseling for high-risk juvenile offenders, according to its website.Thank you for visiting the El Paso bisexual network, signup for free and meet bisexual men, women and couples that are open to bisexuality.Find Bisexuals from Bi Texas including El Paso and nearby cities, San Antonio el Paso (0 miles), Fort Bliss (2 miles), Benito Juarez (4 miles), Valentin Gomez Farias (4 miles), Ciudad Juarez (6 miles), Villa Juarez (5 miles), El Oro de Hidalgo (5 miles), Sunland Park (8 miles), Socorro (11 miles), Santa Teresa (12 miles), Socorro Mission Number 1 Colonia (13 miles), Canutillo (13 miles), El Carmen (13 miles), Sparks (13 miles), Westway (14 miles), Vinton (15 miles), Horizon City (15 miles), Homestead Meadows South (16 miles), San Elizario (16 miles), Homestead Meadows North (16 miles), La Union (17 miles), Anthony (18 miles), Anthony (18 miles), Chaparral (18 miles), Berino (22 miles), Fabens (25 miles).Officials for the juvenile probation department declined to comment on the case.

Including surrounding areas of San Antonio el Paso, Fort Bliss, Benito Juarez, Valentin Gomez Farias, Ciudad Juarez, Villa Juarez, El Oro de Hidalgo, Sunland Park, Socorro, Santa Teresa, Socorro Mission Number 1 Colonia, Canutillo, El Carmen, Sparks, Westway, Vinton, Horizon City, Homestead Meadows South, San Elizario, Homestead Meadows North, La Union, Anthony, Anthony, Chaparral, Berino, Fabens, there are over 6,532 members and growing every day.

Mc Cullouch no longer works for the El Paso County Juvenile Probation Department, Mc Cullouch's lawyer Sherilyn Ann Bunn said during the hearing. During the hearing, Bunn said Mc Cullouch maintains he never forced anyone into sex or took any money.

He is a former defensive back for the University of Texas at El Paso football team from 2005 to 2007, according to a UTEP player biography and the El Paso Times archives. Lara said Mc Cullouch denied meeting the girls as part of his work and said he did not know the ages of the girls during an initial interview.

Original Article 01/25/2014 By Aaron Martinez A former El Paso County juvenile probation officer charged in connection with a sex-trafficking ring worked with the underage girls he allegedly forced into prostitution, according to court testimony Friday.

, 28, had 10 documented incidents dealing with the two teenage girls, ages 15 and 17, according to testimony by Julio Lara, a special agent for Homeland Security Investigations which spearheaded the investigation.

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Mc Cullouch told investigators during the interview that he first met the two victims at an El Paso-area hotel room with , Lara said. A., told investigators Mc Cullouch and Gray forced them into prostitution.

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