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You know, because I have obligations to sponsors that makes me travel a lot.

Once the show was done shooting they said, “Oh my gosh, I hope we get a second season cause that was so much fun.”Oh, by all means.This was like a once in a lifetime experience and I enjoyed it because … It was I was able to hang out with my family more than I’ve ever hung out with them in the past, just because with my hectic schedule, I didn’t really have time. No, but you know, girls that, you know, they, they’re—every girl that I went on a date with on this show was, like, on paper, they were like perfect.(According to this chart, if your urine is “neon,” you may be severely dehydrated.) Lochte also takes a trip to D.C.; upon arriving in Washington, Lochte exclaims, “We’re going to meet Abe Lincoln!They think it’s great because they understand why I’m doing the show. I told them like, you understand, you’re gonna be a part of the show, cause like you’re my family, and I’m really close with you guys, and are you guys OK with having cameras around you 24/7? ” Yeah, that’s one of the things with having a reality TV show.

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