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Daley has always been a social guy, a trait that hasn't changed much since his retirement in 2011 from politics and the subsequent death later that year of his beloved wife, Maggie.

But it's apparently just one woman, a South Side doctor named Adele Joy Cobbs, who has been spotted the past six months with him at weddings and grocery stores and walking her dogs near her Hyde Park home, a source close to the former mayor said Wednesday.

In 2010, when Cobbs was 38 years old, Daley appointed her to the Chicago Board of Health, a position she still holds, according to the department’s website.

Cobbs is the youngest medical doctor on the unpaid board.

Neither Daley nor Cobbs confirmed their dating status to We know plenty about Daley, Chicago’s boss for 22 years.

Cobbs’ mother, the late Sarah Cobbs, was a pediatrician.Here’s a little we do know about Daley’s date to the big Lucas-Hobson party.Cobbs, who lives in Hyde Park, got her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin and specializes in emergency medicine.Sources who were at the George Lucas-Mellody Hobson wedding party, held in June at Promontory Point, said Daley and his date “hit it off after meeting at the gym,” Kapos reported in Crain's.After Daley, 71, was photographed with the much younger woman at the wedding, I asked the former mayor’s longtime spokeswoman, Jackie Heard, to identify the woman who Kapos reported is a 41-year-old doctor. Heard, who ran Daley's press operation at City Hall, is now communications director for Katten Muchin Rosenman, where the former mayor is of counsel.

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