Reality of dating a banker

But obviously, there are a considerable amount of guys out there who are seriously lowering their stock.

It's a romantic formula that's withstood the test of time: A prosperous -- albeit emotionally unavailable -- male wins the heart of a physically attractive female on the strength of his bank account and the promise of little-to-no work in her future.

Naturally, he'd also party as if he was back in college, getting so drunk that he'd unleash his pent-up wrath on the nearest server, barback or cab driver he could find.

There's evidence popping up all over the Internet that men like this are a dime a dozen in the money biz, which has given me three more reasons why I'll be wary of dating more finance guys:1.

So stalking exes internationally, logically analyzing breakups, imagining connections and thinking affection is purchasable seems normal to them.

It also seriously screws up their ability to relate to other people.

The union relies very much on the man keeping his job and the woman keeping her looks.

Money Comes First (And Always Will)As How About We points out, the great part about dating someone in finance is that they probably have a large disposable income they can spend on romantic dinners, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and, well, you. How much they make will almost always come up on the first date (UGH), and most likely, any emotional problems you have will have to be explained in dollars and cents for them to understand and/or sympathize. They Don't Get It When You're Not Interested This creepy list was written by an investment banker who simply couldn't take unreturned texts and calls as an answer that a first date didn't want to see him again.

So he Googled her and proceeded to pen this 1,600-word email asking why she wasn't into him. Their Social Norms AREN'T Normal Inspired by the creepy letter above, Gawker assembled 10 more horror stories about dating finance guys.

There was one guy who worked at Barclay's — he told me he was depressed, then proceeded to punch out a ceiling light and cackle as he was thrown out of the bar.

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There was another date who started work at every morning and was so obsessed with his alma mater that blue and gold were the colors he could see or wear outside of the office.

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