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At present, I teach a course of lectures in structural geology to the 2nd-year undergraduates and also run practical classes in remote-sensing.

My research combines remote sensing, detailed field investigation, earthquake studies, and Quaternary dating methods to quantify the distribution, rates, and evolution of active faulting within deforming parts of the continents.My approach is to combine the use of remote-sensing data with field-based observations for identifying active faults in remote regions.One of my major interests is in working to expand the use of analytical dating techniques for quantifying fault slip-rates on timescales of 10-100 ka.Reliable estimates of fault slip-rates are key to understanding the distribution of crustal strain in active mountain ranges.The precise dating of landforms displaced by faulting also provides data relevant for studies of local earthquake hazard and past environmental change.

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I am involved in teaching in organised lecture and practical courses, tutorials in small groups, field courses, and independent research projects.

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