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I'm just working right now so I have more free time than her.

Lately, with finals coming up and school being crucial right now, I haven't seen her in almost 3 weeks.

I'm fine with time apart, totally fine, as long as I know she's only seeing me.

I've just been a little worried that she's interested in someone else and maybe spending time with them. -Eddie Hi Eddie, I understand ambiguous relationships: those relationships that fit somewhere between boyfriend and girlfriend and casual friends with benefits. I’ve navigated those muddy waters and I’ve learned a lot.

You’re fine with time apart and you’re cool to keep it casual. Because it doesn’t matter how much she likes you, she is going to choose the man who goes the extra mile to make her happy: the man who puts in the most effort and truly sweeps her off her feet.

Since you aren’t in a committed relationship, spending time with you is not a high priority for her. At this time, you’re not in a position to demand her to see you and only you.

But since you are in a sexual relationship, you are in a position to ask if she has any other sexual partners.

Part of not having the responsibility of being in a monogamous commitment is that you don’t have the comforting security of one either.

* Just as you are within your rights to ask your partner to be tested for STDs, it’s also within your rights to know the risk you’re at by knowing how many people your partner is currently intimate with. Now let’s explore your options if she is pursuing a relationship with another man. You can’t just keep her around to enjoy for yourself but not let anyone else enjoy her either.She’s not a seat you can save, she’s another freaking PERSON!It’s great that you’ve been able to carry along so casually but eventually feelings get involved.If you find you start to develop feelings for her and your heart aches at the thought of her being with any other man but you, then it’s time to step up your game. But by not showing your interest, you leave her wide open to any guy who does.Hey Lauren, I've been involved with someone for about 6 months and when I say involved we are not boyfriend/girlfriend but we spend a good amount of time together and we are having sex.

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