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Coming up in this episode, the story of a Northwestern pair who has Wildcat Football to thank for their relationship.They literally look into each other’s offices in the athletics department.He is in charge of web and social media for the athletics department, communicating his thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Doug Meffley's and Maureen Palchak’s offices are mere feet apart in the athletics department, so they’ve taken up an unusual behavior at office meetings in order to keep their work-turned-personal relationship professional This is a Northwestern Now podcast.

Doug Meffley Maureen: And then I’m also the liaison with the City of Evanston, to make sure we’re being good neighbors and good partners.

I also oversee donations from the department – whether we’re donating tickets to a non-profit benefit or signed footballs and basketballs, those go through my area.

Doug: I came to Northwestern as an undergrad with dreams of being a sports writer.

If you’ve ever been to a Northwestern softball game, you’re already familiar with Doug’s voice.

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