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I have to say, I absolutely feel like I got my money's worth already after only ONE session!I learned tons..whenever I didn't understand something, I just typed my question into the chat and within minutes Raghee (and other members) helped me out!On a daily basis you get a consistent, thoughtful and lucid perspective while Raghee openly shares her years of experience guiding new and experienced traders alike without ego or judgement. Plus the resources on her website have been invaluable to me in getting familiarity with the way forex markets work.I just purchased my membership yesterday..just got done with my first live chat session today.I can say I learned a lot about trading with [another service], but you put so much into perspective for me and took it to a Whole New Level!! In class you mentioned how we are told as traders to go for 1:3 or 1:4 risk/reward and that is what I learned, too.When I would have consecutive losses, I would stop trading all together. I never wanted to be a daily timeframe trader because I felt it would be too much risk for me and profits would be slow gaining.

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Being new to fore trading have relied heavily on Raghee's guidance which is excellent. When I signed on to Raghee's site I found a person whose patience and clarity in explaining her methodology suited me perfectly.

Very excited about being a member, and looking forward to learning with Raghee and the entire group!

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I had been off and on with trading over the last 7 years as I would rarely have success but still was eager to trade.

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