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Although the wolves are identified by alphanumeric labels – F836, F837, F838, and F839, we called the sisters “the Minnesota Girls.” When the Minnesota Girls arrived, we were relatively new to the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Program and were honored to be a part of the recovery effort.Less than a year later and with much jubilation we received the most exciting news: F837’s littermate, F838, was chosen for release to the wild Southwest!If not for some heartless criminals, they could have survived and contributed to the recovery of their species.F837 and her mate, M805, currently live in the ’s Lobo Exhibit and together they help visitors better understand the importance of the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program and the significance of the special wolves on our property that people are not allowed to behold.The two eight-year-old lobos have bonded with one another nicely and they share something in common – each have a littermate who was given the gift of freedom six years ago this July.M805’s brother, Mexican wolf M806, was “Minnesota Girl” F838’s original mate!After F838’s tragic death, M806 started a new family called the Bluestem Pack and has been thriving in the wild as the alpha male ever since.

Each wolf had only a few months to enjoy their rightful place in the wild.

But a few months in the wild was the biggest gift we could have ever given to the girls from Minnesota.

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Two years later another sibling, F836, also got “the call of the wild.” What a thrill to offer these two sisters a life without boundaries and fence-lines, and the task of bringing an ecosystem back to balance.

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