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If this is a real world ratio then the chances of a guy being contacted by a lady are pretty least a whole lot less than what the real world ratio is.I always wondered why I had so little response from the "dating" profiles that I had posted because although I am not what anyone would consider handsom but I have never really had any trouble meeting ladies in the real world because I am a pretty nice guy and have the gift of gab.I havent been single long and am not really that big on the bar scene so.....I tried this but I havent had the best of luck so far.Its just that I am raising the 2 boys so it makes it hard to get out and meet people. Then I'm not sure if I'd really want a girl I'd pick when I'm drunk. You going to have to get over that shy deal for sure. My Ex was a very good looking petite blonde that I really though was WAY out of my league, but I made her laugh and she enjoyed being around me.Later Mr Corvette_33Or there is a whole lot of women living in the states(s) countrys where it is legal to have multiple wifes. I mean I get parts of it LOL But I have trouble figuring out one woman, much less multiple women My thoughts exactly. Wish I was able to do that whole real life dating thing, but I'm just too shy to just walk up to a girl and start flirting with her. I used to be painfully shy until I figured out that they werent going to come over and talk to me, Im just not that good looking for one and women just dont usually do that. Women (most) are not nearly as hung up on looks as guys are. I sure got no business giving out any advice to anyone.If I ever wanted a date I was going to have to get some rejections first They might laugh... I just know that once I started actually going up and talking to girls instead of waiting for them to initiate the conversation and assuming that they WERE going to laugh at me my sucess ratio went up about 1000%Maybe you do need a different crowd.

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I was searching through the personals here on the site today and set the option to the "within 50 miles of my zip code" BUT I forgot to set the option to male seeking female so I got the male results. Do the same search for females seeking males and I get 18 results within 50 miles of me.

So post the results for your area in this 600 / female 18 plus any comments that you might have on this subject. Well I guess we need to go to the real world to do our looking :) Because I know the M2F ratios are not off that far in the real population.

Later Mr Corvette_3325-30 Within 50mi of Waverly, OH I got 43 FSM & 578 MSF. & I had to broaden search age down to 18 to get that good of reults. Just not that many ladies feel comfortable about getting on the net and advertising I am betting.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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