Lost love dating admirers

But instead of feeling celebrated, I felt violated.

At first I thought it was my own insecurities; I told myself that I needed to love my body just like the BBW lovers did.

Normally, I have profiles on the mainstream online dating sites, but recently I created a profile on a niche “BBW” dating site.

It wasn’t long before I was being contacted by different guys. Doing some networking for my uncle he’s throwing a buisness/soical boat network on October 15th and helping him sell tickets you know?

My low cut tops and curve hugging jeans were appreciated in full at these establishments.

My tummy, hips, curves and rolls weren’t avoided, they were touched and appreciated.

Of course it was fun to feel wanted, to feel sexy, but when the night was over I felt more detached from my body than ever. Most of these men were in the fetish zone; attracted to my fat and uninterested in who Ce Ce was.

Is that too much to ask,plus working security at MSg has it’s moments trust me.

I enjoy working at Radio City Music Hall for my 8 years,especially meeting my cooworkers over the years. aside from being called “my dear” by a man I don’t know, I never thought that “Sexiness” and “freakiness” would be in the top five things a man came up with when he imagined his “potential mate”.

Last night I logged on to check my messages and here’s an unedited excerpt of the what was in my inbox: What’s up?? So how sexy are u in person,like big gurls like you. So Sexy Ce Ce what are 5 things you seek in a potential mate?

I’m backl to work next Monday at Radio City we got big shows coming up until our Xmas shows kicks off November 5th till December 30th. I seek wisdom,sexiness,support,spontanious and freakiness in a woman.

I didn’t respond to this dude, but so far he’s a pretty good representation of the guys that are on the BBW/Admirers sites.

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