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In the middle of the 20th century, DDT chemicals were sprayed on agriculture and it would eventually drain to local rivers and lakes were it would collect in the body fish.When the newly formed United States set out to create a national seal in the late 18th century, a committee of emblem designers sought to find an animal that represented strength, agility and dominance.Eventually the bald eagle was selected and it became the national bird of the United States in 1782. If you think we might get along in any capacity, don't hesitate to say hi. I'm 24 and probably the sweetest little thing you'll ever meet. I'm motivated to achieve success in my future and I'm just an all around fun person to … I'm sarcastic, blunt, honest to a fault, laid back(usually), spontaneous, and very open-minded. I am a hard worker, loyal, and I come from a line of good morals. Moved to California to get a degree in physical education and a minor in photography. I skateboard, play guitar, love to mosh, and cruise around late at night blasting music. I am now working as a nanny and caregiver for disabled adults.

Fishermen would often shoot and kill bald eagles because they believed the birds were depleting fish stocks.However, it wasn’t hunters that wreaked the most havoc bald eagle populations, but the pesticide DDT.Despite being the symbol of the nation, the American people did not do much to protect bald eagles.By the 1970s, the bald eagle was on the brink of extirpation (local extinction) in the United States because of over hunting and pesticide use by humans. I think most people just pay attention to photos so I'll keep it short... When I do have free time, I spend it with my family, friends, and my pups. I like to fish, hike, watch football, and eat seafood. I'm kat, I just got retired from the military about a month ago. There's also a side of me that loves to have intellectual conversations. Being 21 I love to have fun but staying in is something I also enjoy. I just moved back to the area and I would love to make some new friends. I love gardening and especially sprouting my own flowers, herbs and vegetables from seed. I love to have fun and I'm always giving off positive vibes. I just graduated from university in London and moved back in Mid-June.

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