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They had heard me testing the synagogue’s acoustics in my loudest cantorial voice, and they asked me if I ever officiate weddings. They’d met three years ago and were eager to start this new chapter. They loved the idea of getting married in Venice, but their emails to the rabbi there received no response, so they had settled on a wedding upon their return to San Francisco. In my concluding words to them, I reminded them that of all the billions of people in the world, and all the billions of people who have ever existed, and all of the billions who ever will, they have found each other, and that is truly lucky. Then David stepped on the glass, and we shouted, “Mazel tov! All of the patrons from nearby restaurants came over to watch them. They danced the most romantic and sensual dances of all time. It was like a movie — that classic Venetian story of romance and kismet, and one that is truly In honor of Tu b’Av, the love holiday, this column is the first in our new series, Meant2Be, stories of love and relationships.But two days into their Italy trip, they found out their rabbi at home had mistakenly scheduled their wedding ceremony for Tisha b’Av, the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, a day in which a wedding celebration would be unthinkable. And not just to one song — the band continued and played another tango for them. Do you have a story about dating, marriage, singlehood or any important relationship in your life? I found out later that my dad had bought out the street vendor of all of his roses for the day. Annette suggested to David and Lana that they should have their first dance.

My parents got into the conversation to help with details, and we made quick plans for a wedding at 9 that evening in Piazza San Marco. Annette told the story to one of the artists on the Grand Canal and asked to buy a piece of heavy art paper for the ketubah. It is amazing how connected we all felt despite having met only that day. I bought a for the chuppah since I was in Venice to officiate a bat mitzvah service.This mantra certainly seems to be working for Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi and his model wife Giorgia Gabriele, who have gone viral thanks to the hilarious videos of them dancing on holiday. With more than three million views on that clip, it's safe to assume people love the relationship these two have.A more detailed look at Gianluca's Instagram reveals he and Giorgia live a seriously luxurious lifestyle, complete with private jets, mansions and some beautiful backdrops.Bride and groom Lana Atlasov and David Mednick of Palo Alto (center) at their spontaneous wedding ceremony in Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy, with officiant Todd Shotz (left) and his family — mother Barbara (back left), father Steven (front right) and sister Annette (back right). This was to be the first Jewish wedding in her family since before World War I. We were all dressed up and ready to go — we signed the ketubah in the lobby. We held up the chuppah, rings were exchanged, and they said a few vows to each other, although not many words were spoken, as they were so overcome with emotion. David approached the bandleader and requested a tango — they’d first met each other in tango class.

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Photo courtesy of Todd Shotz We were touring the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, Italy, which is commemorating its 500th year, when I struck up a conversation with a lovely couple, Lana Atlasov and David Mednick, from the San Francisco area. David and Lana told me they were struggling to figure out their wedding plans. My parents, married for 46 years, served as witnesses. Lana told us she wanted to be by the famous clock tower in the middle of the life of the city. Then I sang the Sheva Brachot, the seven wedding blessings, as loud as I could amid the hustle and bustle of Venice’s busiest square. They began to dance like we have never seen from ordinary folk.

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