Intimidating management

Controlling everything and everyone within her field of vision is important. While they are quite different internally, they can appear much the same during infrequent sales encounters. There are clues everywhere that can be learned in our workshops.

But, here the picture gets confusing as the highly aggressive, intimidating customer is not just one broad personality. they are driven and motivated by totally different things.

Actually, there are two broad personality types that, at times, can fit the mold we just described and . Not All The Big Cats Are Tigers The first broad personality we'll call "type 1".

This individual achieves his aggressive drive from a desire to accomplish and attain personal growth.

What is important to him is achieving ever greater levels of accomplishment.

The other highly aggressive customer we'll call "type 2".

This individual achieves her aggressive drive from a high level of dominance and a competitive nature.

Every member of the sales team who has been out in the field for even a short period of time has probably run into the take-charge, opinionated, and sometimes demanding customer. I have a hot one; someone who knows what she wants and who will make a decision." For others in sales, the reaction is, "This person is really overbearing.He doesn't let others talk and he's not willing to listen to what I have to offer.What is important, however, is how we act and react toward this aggressive customer.First we must understand that the aggressive person can be a very easy to deal with, if we recognize that person's needs, desires, and how he or she is likely to react to different stimuli.The focus is usually intense and short-term; those long-range visions can be interesting, but that which is in sight is what is important.

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