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However, a discussion of the full extent of those problems will need to be reserved for another talk in another forum. Amongst all of the crimes our country faces, the FBI considers high-tech crimes to be the most significant. The cyber threat, exploiting our nation’s enormous cyber vulnerability, holds the potential of being a game changer.

As a result, the FBI’s top three priorities are the previously mentioned counterterrorism and counterintelligence, followed immediately by cyber. Despite all of the advantages of computers and the Internet, if we fail to act, the cyber threat can be an existential threat—meaning it can challenge our country’s very existence or significantly alter our nation's potential.

For those of you who aren’t involved in IT security, it may be hard to understand why it is so difficult to secure an organization’s computer system.

Well, let me give you just a taste of what needs to be secured.

How we rise to the cyber security challenge will determine whether our nation's best days are ahead of us or behind us.

We as a nation are so vulnerable to this threat that, based upon my first hand knowledge in this area, I am convinced that given enough time, motivation, and funding, a determined adversary will always be able to penetrate a targeted system.

Our fight against terrorism remains our number one priority. Second in strategic priority is our investigation of foreign countries that seek every day to steal our state secrets and private sector intellectual property, sometimes for the purpose of undermining the stability of our government by weakening our economic or military supremacy.

I will try to strike a balance in my remarks today, in the hopes that everyone will find some relevance in joining this session.*Remarks as prepared for delivery Thank you for the kind introduction, and my thanks to each of you for joining us today.I have less than an hour to talk with you about the cyber threat, why it’s important, and how you can help your organizations—and in doing so, help our country—rise to this enormous challenge.On the technical side—the web servers, e-mail servers, databases, firewalls, routers, embedded network devices, internal networks, remote access, custom applications, off-the-shelf applications, backup and storage areas, and all telephone, PBX, and Vo IP systems.First, let me share with you the importance of the cyber security problem from the lens of the FBI.

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As you know, the FBI is a law enforcement agency that investigates hundreds of federal crimes as well as a domestic national security agency that combats terrorism, espionage, treason, and sabotage.

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