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Welcome to the straight-to-the-point tutorial on how to build the GIMX DIY USB adapter, solderless!

Everything you need to know to build and get started with the adapter is covered here if you read it carefully!

Now connect the cables as shown in the picture below. Pins should point left with the USB connector pointing away from you.) The next two steps are only required if you're putting the parts in a very tight enclosure and need the parts to take up as little space as possible. Bend the pins with the jumper cables attached to them inwards, slowly to prevent them from snapping, and tuck the cables between the pins on the opposite side. To save some extra space, I usually wrap the cables around the Teensy.

Cut some holes in your project box of choice to match the Mini USB plug on one side and regular USB plug on the other side.Do some tests and make sure everything aligns up before securing everything in place.In the picture below I've bundled everything up using the rubber band and secured it to the box with some electrical tape (double sided tape or hot glue works wonders too if you have it) Voilà! Connect the adapter to your computer using the USB Mini-B cable and a LED on the Teensy should turn on or start blinking.Now start up Teensy Loader (on your desktop) and follow these steps: Press the button on the Teensy and the LED should turn off.) If you want, you can also place the serial converter so that the pins and jumper cables go in between the rows of pins on the Teensy.

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