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Connection String) Dim cmd As New Sql Command("Searchfor User Profile", con) cmd. I would like to give them an opportunity to search their information that they've inserted into my web site and edit it. In my detailsview, I have added an edit button for them to edit their data. In order to that, I have used store procedure and it works fine. My search button is working fine and the data that they've searched has successfully appeared in my detailsview. "" The code behind that I have used are follows: Protected Sub btnseacrh_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Now the problem is when I hit the update link, the data that i have edited was not updating at all. ------------------------------------------------- Protected Sub btnseacrh_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Ofcourse when I hit the edit link, Update and Cancel link will be visibled.

Basically, when I search a particular data, I wanted it to be appeared onto detailsview. This edit link is working now, no error comes up anymore. First of all, I am using a TEXTBOX, SEARCH BUTTON AND DETAILSVIEW. In my Details View, I have added an edit link because I want to edit the data that I have searched. Close() 'binding datasource to Details View Details View1. Data Bind() End Sub Thanks in Advance guys and I would appreciate your kind help. Something like this: Protected Sub Details View1_Mode Changing(sender As Object, e As Details View Mode Event Args) e. Cheers, Marco Hi, You use custom data source to bind Details View, so you have to handle the Mode Changing event of Details View. Anyway, I've done that already and no error comes up but I couldnt edit the fields. Hey Guys, Im writing this post to ask your kind help and I'm hoping that you guyz are willing to help and save me on this one. Connection Strings = _ ("Name of my connectionstring is here").

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Basically, I wanted to have a search button in my web site for the users. Connection String) Dim cmd As New Sql Command("Name of My Store Procedure is here", con) cmd.

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