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We decided a visit to the pediatrician would be appropriate.

The most common FPIES trigger foods are milk and soy, but children with FPIES can react to any food (including breast milk).

There are no tests to determine what a child with FPIES will react to, as with regular food allergies.

At 4 weeks of age he seemed hungry all the time, so I gave him another supplement of formula.

The vomiting happened again, and so did the lethargy. This time he was so lethargic that he slept for 9 hours following ingestion of the formula.

Ig E prick testing and blood tests can only rule out or give results for regular food allergies, but will not help with diagnosing FPIES.

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Typical reactions to a trigger food are vomiting and diarrhea, which often happens within 2 hours of ingestion of the trigger food.

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