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Once you have the IP address and an SSH client, you can log in via SSH.After you perform some of these initial configuration steps outlined in the Linode Quick Start Guides, you can use DNS records to point a domain name at your server and give it a more recognizable and memorable identifier.Find your Linode’s IP address from the Linode Manager. Unless your Internet service provider supports IPv6, you’ll want to the use the IPv4 address.that identifies it to other devices and users on the Internet.For the time being, you’ll use the IP address to connect to your server.If you’re unsure of which data center to select, see our speed test to determine which location provides the best performance for your target audience.You can also generate MTR reports for each of the data centers to determine which of our facilities provides the best latency from your particular location.

Log in with the Your Linode is now provisioned with the distro of your choice but it’s turned off, as indicated in the Dashboard. When booted, the Server Status will change from Powered Off to Running and there will be a successfully completed System Boot job in the Host Job Queue.

Communicating with your Linode is usually done using the secure shell (SSH) protocol.

SSH encrypts all of the data transferred between the SSH client application on your computer and the Linode, including passwords and other sensitive information.

There are SSH clients available for every operating system.

Congratulations on selecting Linode as your cloud hosting provider!

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This guide will help you sign up for an account, deploy a Linux distribution, boot your Linode, and perform some basic system administration tasks.

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