Dating in dartmouth ns

You're going to wake up with the sun and go to 3 different coffee shops that serve espresso.

By the end of it you'll be wired and probably bouncing off the walls.

Street Meat and Tired Feet Have you ever seen the movie Super Size Me? The first step of this date experience is getting dressed-up like one of the main characters.

I sure hope not, because if you have, you may back out of this date quickly. You're going to visit one of the greasiest, yet most delicious food trucks in Halifax and chow down on some mysterious goodness. If that doesn't work for you or you can't find one up to your lofty standards, make your way to Smokes Park for a nice long walk to burn off some of those delicious calories. Once you're done playing dress up, meet your date at the Oxford for an old school movie just like the good old days.

The "I'm on a Boat" Special The date will begin with you meeting on the Halifax waterfront and swinging by one of the many different food huts.

Whether it's on the Dartmouth side or The Battered Fish on the Halifax side, it's going to be a night to remember.

Follow your caffeine crawl with a stroll down the Halifax boardwalk and you've got yourself a date!

That's why you're going to go play mini putt and follow that up with a big bowl of ice cream or gelato at Il Cafe – whatever floats your boat!

One way or another, show off your skills (or lack there of) on the putting green and follow it up with a treat that is sure to delight.

Once you're done sinking your teeth into some of their delicious edibles, make your way to Murphy's on the Water.

From there, you will board one of the many boats on the Halifax Waterfront for a relaxing harbor tour, all the while doing what you can to resist Titanic puns and "I'm on a Boat" references. If you haven't, think 1960's style and glamor and you'll understand what I have in mind.

, marketing and social media strategy pro, as well as founder of, we've got some great suggestions for keeping your date nights fun and exciting. No need to take notes…just subtly refer to this blog post the next time date night plans are your job. Once in a while, dinner and a movie just doesn't cut it and we've got to be creative. There are plenty of EXCELLENT coffee shops in downtown Halifax, so finding three will be easy as, well, 1-2-3!

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