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Loans also can make it harder to meet people, go out on dates and settle down, as some of those who have student loans told Red Eye.

Dating can be difficult if you can't afford to be sociable or if you've got a particularly large debt burden to shoulder.

"It's a lot about being creative and knowing how to work around the whole money situation."Perhaps it helps people like Patrick to know that in that money situation, they're far from alone.A recent UPI news analysis of Federal Reserve data found that 19.1 percent of households had student loan debt in 2010.Matthew Patrick says dating with student loan debt requires ingenuity, flexibility and planning.A good pasta dish recipe doesn't hurt, either."I've learned how to cook, which is a good thing," the 28-year-old Rogers Park resident said.After a few years of dating friends of friends, he decided to branch out and try online dating, something that turned out to be much more expensive than he anticipated."That's when it starts getting tricky," he said.

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"You grab the check and hope the girl will be like, 'Oh let's split this.'"Shiu Kai Tam graduated from U. in 2009 and has about $15,000 of his student loans left to pay off.

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