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And love, the emotion that Catron hoped to be able to create, depends on a lot more than emotional intimacy. Think of a few new things you'd like to learn about each other and bring them up as topics of conversation or questions to ask your dating partner. These steps can help propel your budding relationship forward.

It paired together university students who didn't know each other and had them ask a series of 36 increasingly personal questions.Catron and her friend asked each other those questions and then stared into each other's eyes for four minutes. Catron says that the experiment paved the way for her and her acquaintance to fall in love because it created a sense of trust and closeness that they built upon.Most people feel more comfortable gradually getting to know each other and slowly increasing their sense of trust so that they can reveal more of their vulnerabilities. Aron's list to share your ideas, attitudes, values, and sensitivities with each other. When you're present, it's easier to resist the counterproductive urge to conduct an ongoing "analysis" of what's going on. Twice a week is an optimal time-frame for seeing each other while you're building a relationship. Find a married mentor to talk to if you want advice or a perspective that can help you acquire clarity about a courtship.There are other elements of emotional intimacy that need time to take root and grow – elements like shared experiences, loyalty, dependence, and commitment. Your unmarried friends may be great sounding boards and advice-givers for other aspects of your life, but aren't the best resources when it comes to dating.Making progressively personal disclosures and hearing similar ones from another person helps two people feel a growing sense of connection and trust.

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