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In 2012, she tried online dating — and never looked back. “You don’t have to go out and buy drinks all the time, (or) a new outfit.” Duncan is definitely not alone in switching strategies, forgoing traditional dating methods for the online route thanks to its efficiency and lower cost.Some say this trend toward digital dating is having ramifications throughout the dating industry, affecting all sorts of businesses, from nightclubs to bathhouses.“Online dating is more popular than meeting in a bar or meeting through your church or temple,” notes Julie Spira, a Los Angeles-based online dating expert.It’s now a .2-billion industry, she says, and it’s expected to grow thanks to the rise of smartphones and social media, which help people stay constantly connected to their digital dating realm.“The average user is on two, if not three, dating sites,” Spira says.“They really are casting a wide net.”Matt Casselman, who spent 15 years working in Toronto’s DJ and nightclub scene, says online dating is a big reason many Torontonians have cut clubbing out of their weekend activities.

Paying cover at nightclubs and buying drinks and new clothes to fit her busy social schedule put a dent in her wallet. Some fun nights out with friends, but still no man in her life.“It wasn’t the environment that was working for me.

I did that for like, six years,” Duncan, now 26, says with a laugh.

Toronto nightclub the Guvernment held its final concert last month before it was shuttered, signalling the end of the super-club era in Toronto.

Businesses from bathhouses to matchmaking services must evolve to survive in the digital dating world.

Lindsay Duncan tried meeting people at bars and clubs for years, but she switched to online dating and found the impact on her wallet was lessened.

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