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Originally, all fours was regarded as a lower-class game—it was much played by African Americans on slave plantations—but in the 19th century it broadened its social horizons and gave rise to more-elaborate games such as cinch, pitch, smear, and don, which include partnership play, bidding, or additional scoring cards.

As not all cards are dealt, it is possible for the jack to be the only trump in play, in which case it scores three points, one each for high, low, and jack.

The second player to a trick may freely follow suit or play a trump, as preferred, but may discard from another suit only if unable to follow suit.

The trick is taken by the highest card of the suit led, or by the highest trump if any are played.

This makes a total of 80 points, though some value cards are usually out of play.

In the basic two-player game, each player is dealt six cards, three at a time from a 52-card .

The top card of the remaining pack is then turned faceup as a prospective trump suit. The aim is to win as many as possible of the four scoring points listed above.

The nondealer may accept the turned card as trump by saying, “(I) stand,” in which case play begins, or refuse it by saying, “Beg.” If the nondealer begs, the dealer may accept by saying, “(I) give you one,” in which case the other player scores one point and play begins, or may “refuse the gift,” in which case the exposed card is turned down, each player is dealt three more cards, and another card is exposed for trump.

This process continues until a different suit appears.

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