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If you need to specify a compound key property, assign an array of getters to this option.

}); The method passed to this option should return either the j Query. Deferred(); $.get('url/to/the/resource', load Options).done(function (response) { if (load Options.require Total Count === true) deferred.resolve(, { total Count: Count }); else deferred.resolve( }); return deferred.promise(); } }); var store = new Dev

The key configuration option is required if you create a Store for read-write data access.

The key property is specified by an appropriate getter.

(2) Check that sequence, parameter names and number of Bind("xxx") in Edit Item Template is identical to Object Data Source's parameter collection (3a) Create a new Test.aspx, using Access Data Source, update command works. Seems a little strange that the button type would have an impact such as this. I have used image buttons a lot in Grid Views and they work well there. In that case the framework can not locate these fields and the update (and insert) parameters are not filled automatically ...

(3b) Then I copy and paste the exact coding from the problem aspx to ....this modified works, to my amazement !!! This aspx works......until not knowing when.....update command problem happen again. Update(); break; } } protected void Object Data Source1_Updating(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) { ODSParameter(e); } protected void Object Data Source1_Inserting(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) { ODSParameter(e); } private void set ODSParameter(Object Data Source Method Event Args e) { e. I just replaced asp:table with normal html table tags and everything started working...

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