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In the default configuration, the Net Logon service looks for a Domain Controller that can authenticate and synchronize time with the client.

When a Domain Controller is found, the client sends a request for time and waits for a reply from the Domain Controller.

You will not realize the UTC time itself, as the time zone information which is stored in the computer’s registry, is added to the system time just before it is displayed to the user.

One Domain Controller, the DC with the PDC Emulator FSMO role, is the time master in the domain.

One important information to have is, that the Windows Time Service is NOT built to be a high accuracy NTP solution going down to 1-2 seconds.

See High Accuracy W32time Requirements for details.

It uses it’s own BIOS time but should be changed to another time source like a NTP hardware device, routers, layer3 switches or external time servers, that are able to act as a time provider.All other Domain Controllers synchronize with this machine and all domain member servers and domain workstations synchronize with one available DC.If you have the need for high accurate time, you have to use a “Stratum One” device, which is capable of this. Also important to know is, that Domain Controllers use with NTP the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), as this is the universal standard for current time.UTC is independent of time zones and enables NTP to be used anywhere in the world regardless of time zone settings.Therefore it is needed to open the UDP port 123 for NTP on all machines.

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