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That David is always so polite to his elders, what a mench!Hmmm...someone who said "Nobody will think a gay man would look like that! And I don't care if he and Ryan are screwing are not but they are soooooo Soulmates, and Simon can STFU about not caring about fame. I also don't think Ryan's gay because of all his business dealings - why would he want to put up a front of such outrageous bearding, only to later acquire the reputation of being a stone cold liar? R-28, well, he's not the first and not the only one.I doubt that people in show business are so honest and ethical.I'm sure when Just Jared blog, a popular entertainment website, shows a pic of Simon and Ryan in a pool in Miami and puts hearts around the picture, he is making a statement--at least to those who don't have comprehension problems.

And to be honest, this is the only salvation of the show this season, everything else just sucks. He had ambition and was social before he got to Hollywood.There was definitely a vacation together to the Barbados. You only go on vacations and ski do's with friends or relatives if away from home city and not there for work assignment. They say if you find something you enjoy doing and can make a career out of it, you will find most rewarding one.If they spend down time together with Ryan's busy schedule, they are at the very least very good friends. Ryan is successful due to finding his true passion and hard work.mench A German word which, in Yiddish, means "a good person".A mench is a particularly good person with the qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague; a gentleman.But the only way to know for sure, is to see them in action, or they make a statement. I wonder who told him to stop styling his hair and stuff?

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