Can graduate students dating professors

Most people could not view the other as objectively as people they aren't sleeping with, and all it takes is someone else to complain that the subordinate is getting special treatment (even if it's not true) for that superior's credibility to be lost.

And just for the record, I am happily married, so this is not an issue of personal relevance.

: DI don't think people in any superior/subordinate relationship, or who may be forced into one in the future by circumstance, should be romantically and/or sexually involved.

That would be OK to me, UNLESS the program were small enough that I might have to take another class with him in the future. was there ever a quid pro quo involved, or was it completely consensual?

Disclaimer: I did date a professor while I was in grad school, but he was never my professor, and although I could have taken his class (it was an elective for my program), I never did, and since he was on a 1-year Fulbright, the opportunity would not have, ummm, arisen down the road. I would think that by that age, people should be mature enough to handle the situation.

However, there are enough people who aren't and it creates an apparent conflict of interest.

Too bad too, because right now I've got a grad student as a TA for one of the courses I'm taking and I'd definitely like to "go for it." But, things as they are, I guess that one will have to be filed away for later consideration.

As a person involved with academia (as a grad student) I am rather curious about people's attitudes toward this question: Should college professors be prohibited from sleeping with (or becoming romantically involved with) their undergraduate or graduate students.

So not only is it wrong for a professor to sleep with a current student of his/hers, but if there's a chance the student will in the future be in a subordinate relationship again, the policy should still be hands-off.

Example: say that while in grad school, I took a class, developed the hots for the professor, and we started dating after grades were in.

Why don't you think it'd not be ok if the prof was a female?

I don't think it's ok to cross that line of having a relationship with someone who is a superior/subordinate.

when the student is no longer in their class) or should professors be prohibited from sleeping with anyone enrolled at the college.

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