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Since it was too crowded inside for her to find me, I lingered outside on the sidewalk, the only free patch of which was directly in front of the restaurant’s menu—meaning I had to step aside every few minutes so curious passers-by could check the place out.Granted, not many women will agree to make your acquaintance in an abandoned parking garage, but as Zero Hour approaches, a sleepy, out-of-the-way burger joint is far less stressful than a five-star bistro specializing in Asian Fusion. Here’s the ideal blind-date scenario: A few hours beforehand, the guy calls and tells you exactly what he looks like and what he’ll be wearing, and you do the same.Well, as someone who’s gone on more blind dates than you’ve had hot appetizers, let me tell you: It doesn’t have to be this way.Just consult the following tips, and whiling away the time ‘til your would-be swain arrives should be (nearly) as painless as a semi-annual trip to the dentist. A few weeks ago, I made the mistake of agreeing to meet my date at a hip, bustling restaurant in midtown Manhattan.

The Africa setting was beautiful and the scenes in the hotel were gorgeous.

(This is helpful even if you’ve exchanged pictures.) Briefed in advance, you’ll be able to pick him out of a crowd from a block away, and he’ll whisk you into the restaurant as confidently and casually as if you’ve been dating for five years. ” like a guy who checks his watch every thirty seconds and scrutinizes approaching women as if he’s anticipating a reunion with his long-lost sister.

I thought Adam and Drew Barrymore did a great job together.

All of the supporting cast was hilarious, especially Kevin Nealon and his "wife," and Terry Crews, who cracked me up every single scene he was in.

It’s not just that you have no idea what to expect from your Internet pen-pal or your cousin’s idea of a great set-up.

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