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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / Akan Of Ghana And Cote D'ivoire (80312 Views) Gur People Of Burkina, Mali, Cote D'ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Niger / Mandinka/Malinke/Dioula people of Mali, Cote d' Ivoire, Guinea, Burkina.../ The Kru People Of Liberia And Cote D'ivoire (1) (2) (3) (4) Sybellah: This is how brong sounds like?Further categorized by sub-tribes, many people within the Mole-Dagbon ethnic groups live in Northern Ghana, such as Bolgatanga.Some of the most famous African masks, sculptures, and furniture are crafted from the hands of Ashanti carvers.Mole-Dagbon Tribes of Ghana Although the Mole-Dagbonis the second most populous ethnic group, only one in every seven Ghanaians belong to this tribal group.It sounds a bit like twi or I am mistaken Never heard a song in brong beforeshe is very goodup [email protected] Royal, I think this is your type of woman right she is pretty, hope u r enjoyin the vid aah ok I did not know that, so the Abron/Brong have a similar culture to the Ashanti?Well-known as a matrilineal people, the Akan (Ashanti) tribe of Ghana is also revered for their invention of colorful Kente cloth, a pastime now common to many Ghanaian tribes.

Akan girls, "my girls", they represent the beauty of the African woman, I luv 'em, hard working, they'v got this fighting spirit (Yaa Asantewa)..

- I'm Akan but, surprisingly, I'v dated only 2 Akan girls (call me the explorer )^^lool @ the explorer but i thought that the woman with the "hips don't lie" was Akan So there are 4 big groups in Ghana?

I never heard a brong speak so i was surprised to hear this woman The Brong community is bigger in Ghana, and our Brong have been somewhat influenced by the Mandinka, so many converted to islamis it the same in Ghana as well?

^^ The Ashanti one is so pretty, she looks like some girl I know, very informative vid And about the Akyem girl, the way she pronounced Akyem seems similar to our Attie/Akye, i am starting to wonder if it is not the same community, i need to listen somebody speak the language so i could tellthts a tough one to answer, trust me, there are gorgeous women from each and every tribe (AKAN, GA, EWE, DAGBANE etc..) in Ghana.....u don't want me to splash images on here trust me.... women, they are really beautiful from all shades of colors.

Akan, Ewe, Ga and Northerners (are the northereners mainly gur or a mix of Gur and Mandinka)And what are the ethnicities in the Ewe and Ga groups ?

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Btw that northern girl looks like Jackie Appiah Akan (Fante and Ashanti) Tribes of Ghana The largest ethnic group of Ghana includes the Akan tribes, who account for nearly half of the country's population.

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