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A Comedy Of Manners depends on the heroine wanting to marry a gentleman, but not being able to tell him so.

The cast included Emma Thompson, Tim Rickman, and a rather hunched Hugh Grant.I wonder how long it will be before Emma Thompson does us (us Romantics) a huge favor and makes movies of some of the Georgette Heyer novels.Or, make all of humankind walk in the shoes of all the aboriginal peoples our own colonists have wronged in the past, and present the incoming aliens as pilgrim fathers or conquistadors. and very often, as with the Da Vinci Code, the holy grail in sfr is a fertile, pure young woman), Discovery plots, Adventure plots, Pursuit plots, Rescue plots, Mysteries (including murder mysteries), Rivalry plots, Revenge plots, Underdog plots, Transformation and/or Metamorphosis Plots, Beauty and the Beast, Coming Of Age, Who's Coming For Dinner (prejudice/forbidden love)....The one plot that may not translate so well into an alien romance is The Comedy Of Manners...which in turn might be described as a highly entertaining, watered down Morality Play.

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