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It's something we haven't him do before in the Premier League (maybe he saves it just for international games as a special treat? But it seems it's something he does with as much finesse as everything else. And the above video will similarly provide them with little comfort after the 25-year-old showed he had another skill in his locker while playing for Algeria - the ability to take a world class free-kick.

This was the thought process of many Arsenal fans over the summer when it came to Leicester City wizard Riyad Mahrez .Standing over the ball, the PFA Players' Player of the Year delicately clips his shot towards goal and hits the VERY top corner - the place where no one in the world would save it.Under the new Family Code, if a couple has children, both parents are responsible for the protection of their children and for providing them with an education.However, parental authority remains with the father, and the mother is only able to make decisions concerning the child ‘in an emergency’ if the father is absent.A contradictory situation exists in regards to guardian consent and freedom of marriage.

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