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posting overly mushy professions of eternal love on that same Facebook profile.

The Facebook query might come before or after a question as to whether you have Whats App, or BBM.

(Black Berry is still widely owned here, and I’m convinced Argentines account for 90% of the clientele.) Essentially, asking for a Whats App contact requires asking for your number, but that is rarely requested outright, because, you know, that could imply a phone call might be made.

Sometimes it’s downright inappropriate, like when it’s your doctor—you notice a ring on the finger—who just hooked you up (sports bra only on top) to an EKG for the medical exam you’re forced to take to be able to work out at the gym (which, if you do it the Argentine way, is walk-sashaying without ever breaking a sweat, hair down on the treadmill. It’s in the Argentine psyche to try and try, try again, and you have to respect them for that.

The piece is broken into three installments: The Hunt, The Relationship and The Breakup.

As with anywhere in the world, there’s the good, bad and the crazy—or, and this Argentines openly admit is really just here, the have no qualms, zero reservations about approaching or striking up a conversation with a stranger, whether in the comfortable confines of a friend’s party or out in the wilds of the urban jungle, as evidenced with what I like to call the hit-(on)-and-bike while wheeling along the city’s bike lanes. race.”) This constant social circle expansion can be awesome and welcomed, especially when you’re a recent transplant and your social calendar has magically booked itself for the next fortnight and you present it to yourself as everyone just being so friendly.

In Argentina, I can’t even think of one person who I know has. ”) it was slightly disconcerting to learn my thumbs-up support of a dude’s pretty picture of the Buenos Aires skyline—a totally innocuous post—could unintentionally be sending signals of deeper desire.

But, “likes,” cerebral reward centers dinging—apparently it’s all connected.

All is pulled from personal experience, though not always or necessarily my own, as I generously borrowed from friends’ true-life tales to create this compendium. Because in this passionate land, it’s a fact that everything only happens and exists in extremes.

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